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28. Cindy Vortex

of Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Of course Cindy needs to be mentioned - in a town where everyone gives only credit to Jimmy for being smart, she manages to come ridiculously close to him and even occasionally beat him in math or sciences, despite not being anywhere near his genius.

In the beginning of the series she could be seen as somewhat of an anti-hero - she really did dislike Jimmy and all the attention he got, and knew that she could do better. She’s confident and strong and smart and has the support of her awesome best friend, Libby.

Cindy and Libby’s friendship is nothing to scoff at, either - those two would literally go around the world and to outer space to save each other. Girl friendships handled well are always refreshing in a kids show! Especially one focused on a boy.

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