26. Jo

from Cartoon Network’s Total Drama series.

Jo may be an unexpected character to end up here - she’s all about being “manly”, doing “manly” things, there’s even a character in the show who actually thinks she’s a boy.

But despite the fact that she enjoys more masculine activities, she is offended at the idea of being called a boy. She is a girl, through-and-through, and likes who she is. She’s very confident and determined to win no matter what the cost!

The most unexpected thing about Jo, however, is the fact that she never insults other girls for being “girly”. You’d expect it, on a show where all the characters are based on stereotypes, but in fact she simply says that those things aren’t for her and goes on with her day.

It’s refreshing to see an athletic, tomboy-type girl letting other girls do what they want, despite most shows making these types of girls more judgmental.

Posted on Tuesday, May 21 2013, 1 year ago
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