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I love this blog! There is so much negativity towards female characters for not conforming to rigid radfem standards, it's starting to sicken me. It's nice to see some positivity for a change. Also, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to change the blog theme back? This text is small and hard to read. Personally, I think your blog was perfect the way it was before.

Thank you!

Unfortunately this theme works a lot better for organizational purposes…I could make the font a little bigger, though! Or maybe have you tried zooming in? You just press Ctrl and then the plus sign button. If that doesn’t help I’ll consider making the font larger!

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36. Penny Proud

from Disney’s The Proud Family.

The Proud Family is one of two successful cartoons with a black female main character - the other being Doc McStuffins which just came out in 2012.  Penny Proud is an important, iconic character.

She’s a super smart girl with great leadership skills and becomes super dedicated to every project she takes on - whether it be giving another girl a makeover, practicing for a dance competition, or working on her part in the school play.  Penny solves all her problems with hard work and advice from her mom, her Suga Mama, and her dad, and always tries to do the right thing.

Through Penny’s struggles and achievements, this show tackles really important issues: sexism, racism, Islamophobia, ableism… can I say it again?  This show is so good and so important and Penny is a really awesome character.

If you’re looking to rewatch shows from your childhood, start with The Proud Family.  These messages from back in 2001 are still relevant.

35. Marceline Abadeer

from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

Marceline is an extremely popular character from AT, which is already an extremely popular show. And that’s totally awesome! ‘Cause she really does deserve the recognition she gets.

Marcy is honest about what she wants, she stays true to herself no matter what, she doesn’t take shit from anyone, and overall she’s just a totally genuine character that (aside from all the supernatural bits) feels like a real person.

Not only is her personality a gem to experience, but her design is really fun, too. Marceline has on a different outfit in almost every episode she’s been in, but she’s never been shown as someone who takes a lot of pride or puts a lot of work into her appearance (not a bad thing, but just something rare in female characters).

Last but not least - Marceline is, despite technically being a side character on the show, wholly balanced and interesting and has multiple storylines going on throughout the series. She’s got so many stories to tell (most of them heartbreaking, but still…) and Adventure Time has not held back with any of them.



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Will you include Ester or Attea from Ben 10 Omniverse?(totally underrated show i'm totally in love )

I haven’t watched any Ben 10 series but I’d hope someone would be able to add them!!

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Have you heard of this anime called Spider Riders? It has some interesting human and nonhuman lady characters on both the hero's side like Princess Sparkle and her mount/partner Hotarla and on the villain's side as well like Beerain and Grasshop's wife Weevil.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not including any anime on this blog. Publishing this so followers can check it out, though!

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34. Maddie Fenton

from Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom.

Everyone knows Maddie. She’s mother of the main character, wife of the bumbling idiot, and object of affection for the main antagonist. She’s a vital character to the series and she takes the “oblivious parent” trope and throws it for a loop by also being badass and totally capable.

Not only have we seen time and time again that Maddie Fenton is an awesome ghost hunter - check out “Maternal Instincts” or “Masters of All Time” - but she’s a super loving mother and a great scientist, too! She was even interviewed for a “Genius Magazine”.

Along with all of this, she handles the advances of her creepy college classmate very well, even after discovering that he hates her husband (whom she loves very much) and blames him for all the problems in his life. Maddie knows Jack and loves Jack and won’t take any shit from Vlad - whether it’s about her family or herself.

In summary, Maddie is amazing and she totally brings this show together with her motherly badassery.

33. Drew Saturday

from Cartoon Network’s The Secret Saturdays.

An amazingly badass woman from a totally underrated show, Drew Saturday is all about magic, action, and adventure. She loves to fight and, with the help of her husband, son, and pets, goes around the world hunting for mystical animals called “cryptids” and making sure they’re safe and out of harm’s way.

Drew is quick to jump into action with her Tibetan Fire Sword, but that doesn’t stop her from berating her son for doing the same thing. The show may be mostly about her son, Zak - but a lot of the main themes turn around and focus back on Drew and her brother, instead.

And the fact that she’s an action mom is not ignorable throughout the show - Drew always worries about her baby boy, and talks to him about hormones when he’s around a pretty girl, and does her best to keep him out of trouble.

32. Malina

from Disney’s Emperor’s New School.

Malina was the only main character of Emperor’s New School that wasn’t introduced in the movie - which is great, since the movie’s female characters consisted of Yzma, Chicha, and Chaca, only one of whom has a main role in the TV series. Another girl was a pleasant surprise for the series!

And Malina is a fantastic character to have! She’s not only one of the smartest people in her school, she’s also head cheerleader, student council President, and the school reporter. Not to mention Kuzco’s object of affection, though she denies him time after time after time, despite the fact that she develops feelings for him throughout the series.

She also loves spending time with her mom and sister, and has a bossy, overly serious side that fits with her very Type A personality.

Similar to another Disney heroine - Kim Possible - Malina takes the pretty-but-dumb cheerleader stereotype and cuts it down to size.

31. Yumi Ishiyama

from Cartoon Network’s Code Lyoko.

Yumi is one of those ever popular, all-black-wearing, action-girl types. But she pulls it off so much better than the stereotypical character!

Yumi loves spending time with Aelita and all her pink-ness, prefers to avoid confrontation with Sissi rather than insult back, and takes charge when she wants to or needs to. She also does her best to keep up with her studies, living with a frustrating younger brother and parents who have considered divorce, plus saving the world and almost dying every other day.

Another great thing is her relationship with Ulrich - Yumi knew his feelings, and he knew hers, but because he never seemed to want to initiate anything, she attempted to move on. Even though it didn’t work out that way, Yumi’s decision was very mature for her age, and it’s nice to see a lovestruck teenage girl that doesn’t let her feelings get in the way of other decisions, or just sit around waiting for her crush to sweep her off her feet.